InXpress Franchise Opportunities

Franchise opportunities that enable your entrepreneurial skills, creating a powerful residual income.

InXpress is the world leader in reselling international shipping. InXpress provides franchise opportunities in a $470 Billion Industry. Providing your customers large volume discounts through InXpress 2012 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards by Franchise Business Reviewworld class carriers like the Global Giant DHL is just one of the reasons why investing in the InXpress Franchise Opportunity is a great idea.

Please Note that this opportunity is not one of those low volume shipping stores! This opportunity is a Fast Paced, Dynamic, Outside Sales, Business To Business, Territory Residual Income Opportunity. You will not need the overhead of a store and we certainly never own any trucks. You will not have to hire a driver. We resell the carriers service and they do all the staffing. We simply utilize their service and pass along the discounts. We have access to the high volume rates that are usually reserved for the larger global companies. We give small and mid size companies the ability to have those same discounted rates. Its a very low overhead business model.

The reselling logistics model has existed for over 20 years and is a well-tested business. The Franchise sells the personalized service to the customer while the carriers provide the pickup and deliveries of all Packages and Freight. The franchise does all the customer service and billing. Inxpress Franchise Opportunities are unique in that we don’t own the assets that can tie up your capital. We simply sell the services of multi-billion dollar companies within the International logistics industry like DHL. DHL give us a large volume discount that we simply pass along to our customers. Usually our customer base would not be able to have access to the rates we offer on their own. They need Inxpress. Within the entire reseller logistics industry only Inxpress has been able to gain trust and move forward building solid relationships with the World’s largest carriers. The Small to Midsize businesses make up a very powerful global marketplace. As an Inxpress Franchise you will provide a needed service to this very large growing segment of your countries economy.

Inxpress is truly an International Company and moving into the largest markets in the world. We all know the global economy is growing all around us every day. US, Australia, UK, and Singapore have all seen very large growth opportunities for their franchises over the last several years with rapid expansion opportunities still existing.

Now with a new Global vision and agreements in place, Inxpress is opening up several new countries where the growth opportunity is tremendous. Countries like Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Spain and France are just some of the areas where Franchise Opportunities and Master Franchise Opportunities are available.

US Franchise Opportunities:

Franchises in the United States have experienced unprecedented growth throughout the last few years selling the Inxpress solution to their local marketplace. In fact Inxpress has solved the most common barrier for Sales people in the logistics industry. There are no specific borders or territories. Our Small Business opportunity give you a rather large playing field to sell. Yes you own a franchise and want to sell in the town where you live but your territory with Inxpress is the United States. Flexible territories are a very large benefit as most sales franchise opportunities out there are restricted to certain Zip Codes. The freedom to sell to a customer in any city makes for  fantastic franchise opportunities.

Global Franchise Opportunities

1- Master Franchise Opportunities-Advantage of a Master Franchise is to take part in a business that is already developed. Purchase the rights to sub-franchise in various countries. We are currently looking for People wanting to take advantage of being the home office in your country. A master franchisee helps the HQ franchise company by recruiting franchisees to open divisions within a particular territory. The master franchisee purchases this specific region or entire country from the franchisor and then shares in the revenue from franchises in that planned area.

You are in charge of an entire nation where all direction is controlled by the Master Franchise. Here you are in charge of selling franchises to multiple business owners. You help set up and train your franchises to get up and running in your country where you own the Master Franchise. You will be able to benefit from the growth of your franchise system and be in control of all the billing revenue within the system.

We have experienced Master Franchises in Australia, UK and the United States to discuss this fantastic opportunity.

2- Master Franchise Opportunities and specific area Franchises are available in Mexico, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, and Canada -use your entrepreneurial skills to succeed and create a residual income selling the services of various transportation Giants.

Recap of Owning an Inxpress Franchise

  • Very Low Cost startup
  • Great Income Potential
  • Residual Income
  • No Inventory, Warehouse, Equipment, Retail Location, Trucks or Planes
  • Small Number of Employees Needed
  • A $470 Billion Dollar Fragmented Industry
  • A Verified Track Record of Achievement
  • Leverage Off of Billion Dollar Fortune 500 Companies
  • Work From Home or Traditional Office

Global Training & Support

The sales training we offer is the best training available in the world. We will provide complete preparation in the following areas: sales, servicing the customer, utilizing the software, sales management, developing carrier relations, industry knowledge, motivation, management reports and managing your time, your territory and your customers. You will leave the week of training in Salt Lake City with all the tools needed to succeed –You will have the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to succeed in achieving your dreams.

The next step is to simply fill out the contact form on the right side of the screen. You will be contacted by the proper office and we will further communicate with you about the InXpress Franchise Opportunity. Franchise Opportunities with InXpress are real and we are looking for serious people only that want a long term business relationship. You will be asked to get on a conference call at the beginning. If you cant keep a firm appointment to communicate with us then we kindly ask that you do not try to contact us for more information. Again we are looking for serious people that want to establish a long term local business presence in your local marketplace.

You will have the support of a trained, skilled and caring support staff with one goal: to help you reach your goals.


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